Adopt the Right Exercise for Your Age

Breaking sweat or working-out is one of the best ways to maintain good health and also look younger. This possibly explains why more and more people are hitting the treadmill, lifting weights, or engaging in running or jogging. And to ensure their muscles and tissues don’t deteriorate with age, many increase the intensity or frequency of the exercises as they become older. This is certainly the recipe for looking younger despite the many years of age, right?

Latest findings imply that working-out does slow down aging and improves your health, and with the right strategy you will put Jason Statham to shame. Researchers have however discovered that the right exercise is dependent on your age and engaging in the right exercise at the wrong age, or adopting the wrong workout regimen at the right age will bring less-than-desirable results. For you to maintain your looks and slowdown aging you need to literally “act your age.”

ExerciseAdding one more year means your body composition, muscles, tissues, and hormones have also become older. You trying to maintain the routine and momentum you had twenty years ago may cause more harm than good. Rather than seeing meaningful gains, you will experience aging effects sooner rather than later, and you may not be able to reach the golden age. At twenty, your body was packed with more testosterone and could tolerate intensive workout for longer, but at fifty you’ll be lucky to pack half the testosterone you had during your youth.

According to a report from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers discovered that men who were successful in maintaining their weight even after reaching the age of 40 had added about 3 pounds of fat. Their weight remained constant because the additional 3 pounds of fat had replaced 3 pounds of muscle that had disappeared over the years. This happened despite upping the intensity and frequency of their workout. 

Another study published by The Journal of Physiology stated that the body's ability to retain and utilize oxygen reduces by 10% every decade. This is especially experienced after a person reaches 30 and it also means that you will require twice the oxygen or twice the effort to maintain your weight and physique after every ten years. Training harder and maintaining consistency allows you to reduce the decline by half (i.e. 5% in 10 years). 

Health experts and training coaches advise men to change their routine as they age so as to reap maximum benefits. More effort is required in some workouts such as weightlifting compared to endurance training, and a weightlifter will experience a sharper decline compared to an athlete.