An In-depth Look at Levitra Side Effects

Other than the desired effects of increasing blood supply to the penile tissue, Levitra is also associated with other effects. However, the harm these side effects may confer has been proven to be of lesser impact than the positive effects and this is why the drug has been approved for use in treating erectile dysfunction. What are these side effects?

Side EffectsAmong the most commonly reported side effects are stuffy nose, redness in the face, sneezing, heartburn, stomach upset, nausea and warmth in the neck and chest. These are common among those using Levitra for the first time and soon go away on their own. No medical treatment is required for these and as the body gets used to the drug they stop showing. Other side effects that may not necessitate special attention but are less common include watery eyes, insomnia, swollen joints, sore throat, shivering, muscle stiffness, fever, itching, loss of appetite, cough, diarrhea, back pain and dry mouth.

Serious side effects may occur that require immediate action. These are often life-threatening and when not managed soon enough may lead to death. They include blurred vision, congestion in the chest, sudden hearing loss and cardiovascular side effects like sudden cardiac arrest, hypotension, increased heart rate and chest pain.

All the aforementioned side effects are due to increased blood supply to the organs they affect. Levitra works by increasing the effects of a nervous system chemical known as nitric oxide which is not just restricted to the penile tissue but is found in all muscles of the body. When Levitra is taken into the body, its effects in increasing nitric oxide resulting in increased blood flow are felt all over the body where the chemical is produced.

Another side effect that may be associated with Levitra is hypersensitive reactions. These occur in people who are allergic to any of the components of the drug. These reactions are usually characterized by itchiness, rashes and in some cases anaphylactic shock. In case of the latter, medical attention should be sought immediately as this is usually fatal. For the milder allergy symptoms stopping taking the drug will help stop them.

In order to reduce the side effects felt with Levitra, the initial recommended dose of 10mg can be reduced to 5mg which will still be effective but with fewer side effects. Note that not all side effects of Levitra have been reported. In case you experience any abnormal feeling while on the medication medical advice should be sought.