Health Awareness Campaigns Play a Vital Role in Men’s Health

Though they have been around for as long as we can remember, awareness campaigns have been on the rise and are viewed by many people as the best way to fight off health issues affecting men. Statistics indicate that many of the diseases that affect men can be prevented and also treated if they are diagnosed early. 

Unfortunately, many men only seek help when the conditions become unbearable, and at this time the disease will have reached advanced stages almost impossible to treat. Common areas that have been drawing attention when it comes to men’s health include prostate cancer, sexual dysfunction, low testosterone, fertility issues, mental health, and heart conditions.

movember cancerHealth experts state that though early detection and treatment is advocated, better results are achievable if the disease is prevented since prevention is better than cure. And the best way is to embrace and appreciate the value of mass campaigns and awareness programs.

Movember” is a good example that shows the impact such awareness campaigns have in regard to men’s health. Held in the month of November annually, Movember is a campaign that has picked this month out to educate men on different problems that interfere with their health and lifestyles. Under guidance from The Movember Foundation, men are encouraged to embrace some action that shows solidarity amongst men.

During this year’s campaign, men were challenged not to shave their facial hair but instead grow a moustache. They were also expected to spread the word round and share their experiences with other men in regard to health issues such as testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental conditions and other issues.

So far, the Movember Foundation enjoys a large following worldwide and has managed to rise over $650 million which is used to fund 1,000 plus programs globally. Through such campaigns, men are becoming more aware about their health and the need to ensure they adopt a healthier lifestyle.

It is only through such campaigns that men will realize the value of good health, which is becoming a fantasy in many regions as more and more men succumb to illnesses that could have been prevented or treated. Besides not allowing to lead a fruitful life or reach their prime, their poor health also affects other people in the society, especially their close family.

Embracing awareness campaigns plays a vital role in the health of men and is most needed today due to rising cases of poor health and diseases amongst men, as well as increasing cost of health.