How Long Does Levitra Last?

A dreaded condition by men, erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man is unable to sustain his erection during sexual intercourse. According to the national institute of health about 30 million men in America suffer from this condition. Consequently, about half of men over 75 years of age suffer this condition. Going by these statistics in America alone, it is evident that immediate solution is needed, and this is where levitra comes in to help these men enjoy sex to the fullest.

Levitra is the latest remedy for illnesses such as erectile dysfunction in men. Coming up with this medication, pharmacists took into account shortcomings of other preparations of similar effect and as a result came up with a pill that is more effective than the rest. Today, levitra is widely used by thousands of men as it works 10 times better than other drugs such as Viagra. But, how long does levitra last? This is a questions asked by many. This article seeks to explain how long it lasts to help the users make a more informed decision.

erectile dysfunctionLevitra medication needs to be taken within 1 hour of a planned sex as it in most cases help people get an erection in about 15 minutes but it may take up to 1 hour to act. However, there are several factors that may increase or decrease its duration. For example, if one take it with high fat meal, it may not last that long.

Typically, levitra lasts for about 4 to 5 hours, even though it starts to lose its effectiveness within a couple of hours. Some men may experience long-term consequences to 1 or 2 days.


Levitra should be taken when necessary for about 1 hour prior a sexual activity. However, one should never use more than 1 tablet per day. It is good to take a glass of water when taking the tablet. The drug is resistant to food and so it can be administrated during a meal, but, large amount of fatty food decreases the time it takes to be distributed in the blood, thus reducing its efficacy and duration of its action.

Every man loves to be a guru in bed and so none of them needs to suffer erectile dysfunction or any other sex related problem. With levitra one can solve the problem within a couple of minutes and enjoy what sex life has to offer. All one needs is to take the tablet as required and enjoy 4 to 5 hours of pleasure.